Sometimes things happen which we would like to share with you. Like when we’ve bought a great collection, or what’s come in for auction. We can’t see that we will be re-lifeing Sixth Sense any time soon; we are just too busy. So we will from time to time send you a message via this blog, when we think we’ve got something worth saying.


We hope that all of you in the UK who are on our mailing list to receive our auction catalogues have now had their copies; for those of you overseas, they are on their way, but you can access the catalogue via the website in the meantime. We’ll do our best to answer any queries you may have, but do remember that we are at Stampex next week 14th-17th February (with all the auction lots), leaving early Tuesday morning.


Here’s one thing we’d like to share. It’s from the Michael and Bronwyn Bale collection of KG VI (part II). It’s the Sarawak Centenary set in imperforate left-marginal blocks of four, each with a Plate number 1 on the very wide selvedge. We’ve not seen this before. It’s interesting that the angle of the ‘1’ is different for the $1.

– Dickon